Custom Guitar ID 526

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Atttention: This is a unique opportunity to grab a high end Little Crow beauty in perfect condition at a sensationally favorite price.

This Crow # 526 was a return from one of our US traders because it has got some little scratches at the back surface during transportation.

We were able to buff them out perfectly so now the guitar is absolutely flawless again.

That TOP! Exhibition quality says it all! Just Stunning. Take a look at the neck!The fine pored Pau Ferro neck which has been sealed only by oil gives you that unbeatable feeling you won`t miss any more. The Dimarzio Petrucci Pickups used are not for a few still the best they ever made. This guitar is just perfect for high-end modern Rock and Metal Sounds. Very powerful but also tasteful, balanced. Sustain and overetones galore, even the cleans have depth and character. Concluson: a true dream guitar in every respect. One thing is certain: This Little Crow #526 will not stay long with us. If you succumb to her charm, then you want her. Absolutely!

Condition: 10/10

Body: Red Alder
Top: Quilted Maple
Neck: Pau Ferro
Fretboard: Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros Crassiflora), 12/ 12 mixed frets
Scale: 647 mm
Hardware: Black, Schaller Floyd Rose Tremolo, Locknut R3, Schaller Backlocking Tuner, Sureclaw
Pickups: Tr: Dimarzio Steve`s Special, N: Air Norton
Electronics: 5-Way Megaswitch (P), Volume, Tone
Colour: Crow Burst, 2K Highgloss,
Neck: Oil-Finish
Sound: Modern High-End Rocksounds at its best
Specials: Abalam Inlays Weight: 3.8kg
Pricing: 5.500 now Euro 3.999 incl. 19% tax, excl. shipping delivery range

SCC Case, certificate


3.999,00  incl. 19% Tax

Out of stock

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