1. Validity
    (1) These General Terms and Conditions are valid for all business relations between Siggi Braun-Fine Young Guitars, Adolf-Safft-Stasse 13, 73037 Goeppingen, Germany and its customers in its current version upon commission of contract. These terms are included with every shipment of goods and are available at www.siggi-braun.com
    1.1 In order to access the web page and use the web shop for purchasing any goods,
    you must be older than 18 years old
    (2) Our General Terms and Conditions are exclusively valid. Any of the customer's deviant or contrary conditions unacknowledged unless explicitly recognized by www.siggi-braun.com in written form.

    II. Contract Settlement
    (1) The representation of www.siggi-braun.com  assortment via computers connected to the Internet does not represent an offer in terms of paragraph 145ff. of German Civil Code.
    (2) Orders may be placed via email, order form (available through www.siggi-braun.com  or downloadable from the Internet), fax, telephone, or post.
    (3) By placing an order with www.siggi-braun.com  via email or any other form as specified by section II, subsection 2 of these terms, the customer makes an offer in terms of paragraph 145 of German Civil Code. The customer receives confirmation of receipt of her order via email. www.siggi-braun.com  will inform the customer of any possible errors in the assortment's specifications on the website separately and make a counteroffer if applicable.
    (4) The contract is commissioned when www.siggi-braun.com  accepts this offer. The order is accepted under reserve in terms of the availability of ordered goods and services. A declaration of acceptance by www.siggi-braun.com  is unnecessary; the customer waives such acceptance in terms of paragraph 151 p. 1 of German Civil Code. If www.siggi-braun.com  is unable to accept the customer's offer, he will inform the customer in electronic form.
    (5) In the case of larger orders, www.siggi-braun.com  reserves the right to demand an appropriate deposit. The order will be processed upon receipt of such deposit.
    (6) Upon declaration of new prices, all other (previous) prices that apply to the respective items are null and void. The stated prices exclude the legal VAT. The prices apply exclusively to the product described, and not to any contents, accessories, or decoration.

    III. Delivery
    (1) www.siggi-braun.com  will deliver the ordered goods to the address given by the customer.
    (2) Delivery Times: The approximate delivery time of ordered goods will be stated in the order confirmation which will be sended via electronic mail. Since the ordered goods are made individually by using many componenents which are purchased after the order has been placed it`s not possible to determin an exact date of delivery.
    Thereby if the originally agreed upon delivery time is exceeded by more than 3 month then the orderer has the right to withdraw from the contract.

(2) Delivery is made based on the stated shipment costs in each individual case shown at the order confirmation and on www.siggi-braun.com

Shipping and handling within Germany is free or orders.

  • Within EU its Euro 33,60 (Netprice)
  • Outside EU it`s Euro 168,07  (Netprice)

(3) www.siggi-braun.com reserves the right to make any technical modifications in terms of technical improvement, as well as changes to form and color. Any color deviation between the photographed product representation on the Internet or in the catalogue and the stated color in real life is due to technical or print conditions.

(4) Information on the estimated date of delivery is non-obligatory if
www.siggi-braun.comhas not confirmed an obligatory date to the customer in written form in individual cases.

IV. Conditional Sale

All delivered goods remain property of www.siggi-braun.com until the customer settles all outstanding invoices.

V. Payment Conditions

(1) www.siggi-braun.com  only accepts the payment methods stated when ordering. Payment via a running customer account is only possible in certain exceptions if the customer has appropriate referees and only if agreed upon by www.siggi-braun.com  via telephone prior to ordering.

(2) The sales price is due at the conclusion of contract.
prices are displayd in EURO and are Export NET prices.
 19% VAT (Value added Tax) will be added when the buyer has been located within European Union. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for to assume foreign Customs charges

(3) The customer is only authorized to charge if any counterclaims have been legally ascertained, uncontested or recognized by www.siggi-braun.com 

  1. Withdrawal
    According to German §312 g of paragraph 2 Civil Code, e.g., there is no right to withdrawal because goods will individual be made, are not prefabricated and for their production an individual choice or regulation by the consumer is decisive or unambiguously on the personal needs of the consumer are cut, §312 g of paragraph 2 No. 1 Civil Code

    Further the possibility of the individual consultation exists by phone:
    0049 (0) in 7161 9459700 or email: mail (At)
  2. a) for the delivery of goods that are custom-manufactured or personalized for customers (e.g. special customer wishes that were regarded during manufacture of the products)
    b) for the delivery of special sizes and custom-made products
  3. d) when the product is sold as new and has been used.
    In addition, paragraph 3; section 2 of the German Remote Distribution Law [FernabsG] is applicable.
    Standard warranty will be 3 Years after delivery. If any goods must be send back to the manufactorer the Customer assumed responsibility for shipping costs to the manufactorers location. We will not be responsible for any damages during shipment returns.

www.siggi-braun.com  is responsible for defects that exist at the time of shipment of goods for the duration of the legal warranty term according to the following stipulations:
The customer is to promptly inform www.siggi-braun.com  in written form of any defects that occur.

If defects exist that www.siggi-braun.com  is accountable for, www.siggi-braun.com  will eliminate such defects or offer a replacement as it sees fit.

Should the elimination of defects or the replacement delivery fail, or if www.siggi-braun.com   is unwilling or unable to eliminate defects or replace products within an appropriate time frame due to reasons www.siggi-braun.com  responsible for, the customer is entitled to retrogressively withdraw from her contract or demand a reduction in the sales price of the respective product.

VIII. Data Protection
(1) Storage and processing of personal data
www.siggi-braun.com  is committed to protecting the privacy of all customers who make purchases in its shop, and treats customers' personal data confidentially. Data protection is based on the respective valid legal stipulations as stated by the German Federal Data Protection Law [BDSG] and Information and Communication Service Law [IuKDG]. Data received from customers is stored. Customers may have their stored data deleted at any time by requesting so in an email sent to mail@siggi-braun.com

(2) The company Web site www.siggi-braun.com  uses etracker technology (www.etracker.com) to collect visitor behavior data. This data is collected anonymously to be used for marketing and optimization purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data remains strictly anonymous. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and are not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time with respect to subsequent services.

(3) Use of personal data
www.siggi-braun.com  uses customers' personal data exclusively for the fulfillment of orders placed by customers.

(4) Transfer of information
www.siggi-braun.com  does not circulate or transfer personal data to any third parties. www.siggi-braun.com  customers receive emails from www.siggi-braun.com  for the sole purpose of informing of significant modifications in business. The customer can, however, object to this at any time, even when placing an order.
(5) Security measures for the prevention of loss and misuse of personal data
When transferring personal data or information www.siggi-braun.com  utilizes encrypted technology for highest confidentiality. Our servers implement various security measures and authentication processes to hamper unauthorized access.

IX. Liability

(1) www.siggi-braun.com  is liable without limitation for claims of non-existing characteristics it has warranted, as well as damage claims caused either intentionally or through culpable negligence by its legal agents and/or executive employees.

(2) Other damage claims that arise from a delay by www.siggi-braun.com , an impossibility for which www.siggi-braun.com  is responsible, or breach of duty which is of significant importance for the attainment of the contractual purpose (cardinal obligation), are limited to such damages that, due to the contractual use of the goods, are typical and predicable. In such a case, liability is limited to the amount of two times the paid sales price at the time of order.

(3) Further reaching liability is debarred, especially for claims that have not evolved from the goods themselves, claims of loss of profit, or financial loss claims of the customer.

X. Registered Office and Liability

(1) www.siggi-braun.com  is based in Germany 73037 Goeppingen Shareholders liable for operations is Siggi Braun. www.siggi-braun.com  can be reached by telephone at +49 (0) 7161 94597-00 For contact via email, the address mail@siggi-braun.com net is available.

XI. Final Clauses

(1) This contract exclusively underlies the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Provided the customer is a merchandiser, exclusive court of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting directly or indirectly from this contractual relationship, as long as this can be permissibly agreed upon by both parties, is in Goeppingen, Germany.