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Siggi’s Favorite Pickups – exclusively by Harry Haeussel

Our “Favorite” pickups are handmade exclusively by the German pickup guru Harry Haeussel and exactly to the specifications of Siggi Braun. These pickups are characterized by a very direct response, finest tonal resolution, as well as best dynamics and excellent overtones. Especially for all styles of rock we know no better pickups.

Siggi’s Favorite: Magnets: Neck A4, Bridge A2

Bridge,(about 16.5 kOhm) very fat, earthy-powerful sound with a lot of punch and warmth. Great sustain. Perfect for power blues and traditional hard rock. The Favorite Neckpickup (about 14 kOhm) sounds very full, warm and round, with singing sustain.

Siggi’s Favorite Plus: Magnets: Neck A2, Bridge A3

The Bridge-Pu (about 13.5 kOhm) is a modern version of the Favorite Pickup. Percussive Attack, clear, aggressive and extremely transparent tone with pronounced bass and treble. Fantastic overtones. The Favorite Plus Neckpickup (about 12 kOhm) also sounds very transparent and extremely rich in overtones. Ideal pickups for all modern playing techniques and rock sounds in the style of J. Satriani or J. Petrucci.

Siggi’s Favorite XL: Magnets: Ceramic

Only bridge version (about 20 kOhm). Very hot, punchy and aggressive tone, yet remains beautifully transparent and dynamic. Perfect for all harder styles from Metal to Nu Rock.

Siggi’s Alltime Favorite: Magnets: A5

At the bridge (about 8.5 kOhm) authentic vintage sound with a slightly modern touch, this means a little more power, clarity and overtones. The Alltime Favorite Neckpickup (about 7 kOhm) sounds balanced, warm, woody and very musical. Perfect pickups for jazz, blues and dynamic rock sounds.

Pickups Classification *

PU-Typ Output Bass Mids Treble
Siggi’s Favorite 8 8 7,5 6,5
Siggi`s Favorite Plus 7,5 7 6 7
Siggi`s Favorite XL 8,5 7 7 7
Siggi`s Alltime Favorite 6 6,5 6 7
Dual Blade (SC-Format) 6,5 7 7 7
Harry Häussel ALNICO 2 5,5 7 6 7
Harry Häussel Vintage + 7 6,5 6 6,5
Harry Häussel Pearl 6,5 7 5 8
Harry Häussel TOZZ 8,5 7 5 7

* Individual, i. subjective rating of Siggi Braun. Scale ranges from 1 (minimum value) to 10 (maximum value)

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