About The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer, lead guitarist of progressive metal band ‘Art Against Agony’, guitar acrobat & extended range aficionado, has been playing 6-, 7- and 8string Siggi Braun Guitars since 2011.

Art Against Agony has been coined ‘brainfuck metal’ by the press, furthermore ‘a journey from a metal concert right into an absinth jazz bar’.

Whatever description fits best, Art Against Agony indeed dwell within complex chords, polyrhythmic beats, tense tonal, sometimes atonal harmonies.

Since 2013, The Sorcerer has recorded 4 studio albums + 5 EPs for Art Against Agony and has been continuously performing in musicals and studio productions throughout Europe.

‘The sorceress’ signature guitar has been tailored to The Sorcerer’s playing style: Baritone multiscale (26″-28″) for low tunings, fanned frets and an ergonomic neck design for maximum comfort and playability.

Minimalist design: One pickup (Dead End Pickups), one volume. Piezo (Richter) for extra flavour.
Black finish with faded Black color flame maple top inlay.

Sustainable wood selection: All resources used to build this guitar are local either 100% local (German Alder, German Maple) or wood substitute materials (SaRaiFo).

The guitar is completely masterbuilt by Siggi Braun.

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