About Razvan

Born on April’s Fools day in 1990, in a small town from Romania called Resita. Started playing acoustic guitar at 13 years old. Formed my first band at 17 and then at 19 moved to Timisoara, 2nd biggest city in Romania. Left that first band in 2012 and since then I have started giving private guitar classes and I am the founding member of both my current bands, which are active from 2013 until present day:

The Box Office – The big band with a big bang, we are 9 professional musicians that mix covers and remakes in our own style and we have about 60 – 70 gigs each year. Here, my Siggi Braun Custom Shop Guitar really does a great job of cutting through the mix, alongside keyboards, sax, trumpet and 3 vocalists!

We can be found and heard @ http://www.facebook.com/trupaboxoffice/

Blues & Roll – The band where we can have the best fun with long solos and unpredictable song duration. A reinterpretation of classic blues and rock, from The Doors, Floyd and Stones, all the way to John Mayer. My Siggi Braun Custom Shop Guitar really shines here, being the perfect mix of old and new, vintage and modern!

In August 2016 we opened for Romania’s top blues artists at the Wolf Blues Festival in Garana.

Check us out @ www.facebook.com/bluesandrollband/

Since 2015 I started writting my own music. My plan is to realease a solo record, but I am not pushed in any way musically or chronologically on how and when to do it. I have long songs, short ones, distorted songs, acoustic ones, and no dead line to finish it until I fell that I have conveyed the full story of all the featured tracks. Until now I have 4 instrumental songs, a Nine Inch Nails complete remake and 2 songs with guest vocalists, with the 3rd being in production right now. For every song up until now, for all electric parts, I always used my Siggi Braun Custom Shop guitar.

It would mean a lot to me if you could give my work a listen @ www.youtube.com/user/Pomojaa/videos

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