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Niki B (Nicholas Nikoloudis) was born on the 7th of June 1996 in Wales, UK, but he was raised on a greek island, Thassos.

During his teenage years he played lead guitar and vocals in different bands in Greece, performed in live shows and recorded albums.

It all started as the vision of a young guitarist who decided to leave everything behind and chase his dream. ENTERFIRE was created by NIKI B in 2017.

From a young age he knew where his dreams would lead him and in 2014 he decided to move to London to study music. From the time he started to master the guitar professionally he had to learn different styles and genres of music which took his techniques to a different level. On gaining new skills he explored innovative ways to produce new material.

Producing his own material for the band ENTERFIRE

Always wanting to evolve as an artist, Niki B became interested in the field of music production. From the moment he produced his first song he gained knowledge and he developed himself. He is composing, recording and mastering his own music in his music studio in London.

NIKI B, not only a performer but a composer, sound engineer and entrepreneur in the music business.

With a degree in Music Performance and Masters in Music Business Management and Artist Development, Niki B currently manages his own brand and until today he has played over 30 shows in London and across the UK with his band Enterfire and many other shows in the past in Greece.

His signature guitar was created in close coordination with Siggi Braun. It is a perfect mixture of beauty and beast and enables Niki to perform his guitar work at the best possible level. If you are interested in ordering this model, simply send us an email to mail@siggi-braun.com and receive a non-binding offer.




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Signature Guitar presentation

Niki B. Video Demo