When dreams come true! There is no better way to describe what expects you in our custom shop. I offer you a feast for your senses, you can let your phantasies run wild. I am the experienced and competent partner, who will make your dream guitar reality. Doesn't matter if you have your own design ideas, or dreams of an individual custom Les Paul or custom Strat; you will be utterly pleased.
You have influence on all details of your dream instrument and you can expect a service which truly fulfills the meaning of a real custom shop.

Mehr Custom Guitar infos:
In einem über 3- stündigen LIVE stream, aufgenommen bei unseren Freunden im ADWORKS studio, gibt Siggi Braun ausführliche Einblicke, worauf es bei Custom Gitarren ankommt und was bei uns machbar ist. Geballte Informationen mit vielen Produktvorführungen.
Hinweis: der LIVE stream startet ab Min. 5:18  (Nur in Deutsch verfügbar)
Siggi Braun LIVE stream (3h)



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    In this section you can give a detailed description of your dream instrument according to your individual ideas. In case you haven´t decided on certain aspects yet (e.g woof choice), simply let the corresponding field blank.


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    Siggi-Braun O-DesignSiggi- Braun M-DesignSiggi Braun Indian Summer DesignCustom Design

    In case of custom Design, please describe...

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    Please describe 2 things you consider most important referring to your custom instrument.

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    Neck Shape



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    Your selection (e.g. Schaller Floyd Rose II, Schaller Lo Profile, Wilkinson VS 100...)

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    Your selection (e.g. Siggi Special (TOM-Brücke + Strings through body), Schaller 3D, Tune-O-Matic...)


    You can have your very individual preferences implemented. It´s up to you to determine the position of both the switches and the volume and tone pot. (Piezo systems with top-notch acoustic sounds request).

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    Our excellent custom shop pickups are built by 'pickup guru' Harry Häussel exactly to your specifications. We can offer any pickup outputs, formats and colours. You can give a description of the desired sound to be produced by the pickups (other manufacturers and brand names on request). Description of the sound: Please use adjectives like warm, round, balanced, aggressive, fat, punchy, clean, clear, transparent etc. You can also describe how the specific frequency ranges (lows, mids and highs) should sound like.

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    Please choose your desired pickup configuration of your custom guitar. HB = humbucker, SC = singlecoil, HB (SC format) = humbucker in singlecoil format. The order of description is always: bridge / middle / neck, from left to right.
    (Note: Due to construction reasons, the configuration HB / SC / HB cannot be implemented in combination with the CNS system).

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    Additional details


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    You can choose between 2 basic options:
    Natural: hard oil/hard wax sealing of the wood surface, environmentally friendly, biologically harmless
    Finish: transparent high gloss finish, e. g. on a top veneer stained in colour, non-transparent 2 or 3 tone sunburst finishes. Airbrush or a glimmer look can also be implemented.

    There are numerous variations of transparent colours to choose between. You can also request a sample of your favourite colour for free after placing your order.

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    To calculate your custom guitar realistic, we need an information regarding your price limits.

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