Alex Beyrodt

Alex Beyrodt is a Master in all styles of modern Rock Guitar. Since 2000 he is one of our Top-Endorser. Playing with Bands like SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR, SILENT FORCE & VOODOO CIRCLE he sold more than one million longplayer, international. He tours the world and enters the billboard charts constantly.

He plays GuitarSlinger boutique effects pedals exclusively, which are crafted by an experienced, international team with enthusiasm and commitment. Delivering first-class handmade devices to musicians – “products from professional to professional!” All the parts and components are carefully selected and meticulously tweaked and tested for over 4000 hours. GuitarSlinger pedals are in no way off-the-shelf mass produced pedals. Each pedal is manufactured by hand with an expenditure of time of at least one day.